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Does your van need to travel as freight?

This varies from one ferry company to another however with Eurotunnel the following should be booked as freight:

All vans carrying commercial items. Vans with personal items not exceeding 3 cubic metres (approximately the size of a car boot) may travel as passenger.

Vans carrying items over 3.5 tonnes in weight.

Passenger tickets can be booked from Eurotunnel page on our sister site.

Eurotunnel Freight

The Eurotunnel channel tunnel freight service comprises a fleet of 19 freight shuttles, each 745m long, able to carry up to 32 trucks and travel at a speed of 140km/h.

Eurotunnel freight customers have dedicated access to both terminals separate from the passenger flow, in addition to their own fast automatic check-in lanes.

Eurotunnel freight operates year round, 24 hours a day and with rapid check-in and a smooth transfer from motorway to motorway make the channel tunnel freight crossing the fastest choice to get to the continent.

Eurotunnel Freight Routes

Calais Folkestone Freight (minimum duration 35 minutes, maximum of 38 sailings/day)

Eurotunnel Freight Ports

Eurotunnel offer freight crossings to and from 2 ports. For further information on each port as well as freight services offered by other freight companies, click on the port links below:

Eurotunnel Freight Alternatives

If you can't find a suitable Eurotunnel freight crossing then try an alternative company: